Each of our works is enhanced with sonic elements that give more effectiveness to the visual elements. In Flac Lab we give great importance to everything that is audio-related, because we believe that a refined sonic identity is essential inside every visual product.


The addition of sound to the visual elements through the creation and manipulation of audio effects  makes the visual elements shine, giving them uniqueness and more strength to the eyes and the ears of the viewer.


We record voices for narrations inside our videos; they enhance the images and help the comprehension. We have masculine and feminine voices available for any type of voice-over recordings.

Original music

We compose original music of many genres and duration; we research for the most adequate style and we concentrate on the narration.


Alongside with the coordinate image, the identity of a brand can be strengthen also through precise sonic choices. The perfect sound branding work includes the composition of a jingle and the creation of customized sound effects that are placed over the images.